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    We believe that bookkeepers are valuable asset to any business. Streamlining your financial reporting for tax season you can save not only your time but your money as well. A good bookkeeper can help you keep more of what you earn!

    AZ Service is focusing on the following bookkeeping directions:

    1. If you are not familiar how to set up financial software or how to enter transactions properly, then AZ Service can save you many hours of frustration by doing these tasks for you.
    2. If you would like the complete control of financial functions, then it might make sense that AZ Service helps you to set up accounting systems and provides with the help how to enter invoices and pay bills yourself.

    AZ Service provides special offers:

    • Full-time bookkeeping service;
    • Part-time bookkeeping service;
    • Weekly, monthly or quarterly basis service;
    • Bookkeeping services provided at AZ Service office in Riga;
    • Bookkeeping services provided at your enterprise on a regular basis.

    First of all we will discuss with you your specific business requirements and then set up appropriate book-keeping procedures and controls to ensure that your accounts are kept fully up to date.

    If you are looking for a good expert in Bookkeeping and decided to use AZ Service help, please contact us through e-mail ruta@azservice.lv, we will be glad to help you any time for a reasonable price.