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  • Management Accounting

    AZ Service specialists can help you to manage your resources better and help you to identify business trends to see how the targets are met and highlight the spending variations. Management Accounting is the branch of accounting that deals with providing internal information within a company. Providing costing information is an important area of management accounting.

    AZ Service accountants, management accountants may work in various areas, including financial analysis, planning and budgeting, and cost accounting.

    AZ Service has great skills in:

    • Record keeping;
    • Recording;
    • Measuring and analyzing;
    • Financial situation reporting to management team;
    • Cash flow planning;
    • Stock control;
    • Cost information advising;
    • Capital investment advising;
    • Strategic plan financial effect valuation;
    • Budgeting;
    • Financial performance evaluation;
    • Cost management;
    • Asset management;
    • etc.

    We believe that Management Accounting is the general term used for the production of accounting information for those inside an organization. Because it is an internal system there are no external rules about how or when the information should be produced. Management Accounting exists to help managers plan, monitor, control, and make decisions about the organization. Its emphasis is on providing information that can help with the future of the organization. The guiding principal for management accounting information is that it should be useful to its readers. If the information fails that simple test, then it has been a pointless waste of time producing it.

    If you are looking for a good expert in Managerial Accounting and decided to use AZ Service help, please contact us through e-mail ruta@azservice.lv, we will be glad to help you any time for a reasonable price.