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    AZ Service believes that the role of the Internal Audit is to assist management to attain company goals by providing an independent, objective, assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations through independently reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of operations and controls and by providing objective analyses and constructive recommendations.

    AZ Service auditors have played important consulting roles in many international and Latvian enterprises. As this process matters, the emphasis of many companies is turning into more comprehensive risk management programs.

    Companies must continually evaluate returns on investment. To ensure the Internal Audit functions for the organization Management Board, AZ Service provides the following operating principles:

    • Value added auditing;
    • Effective audit resources allocation;
    • Measurable contributions to the organization’s objectives;
    • Individual professionalism promoting;
    • Objective maintenance;
    • Confidentiality.

    With its combined skills and experience, the AZ Service Risk Management Team can provide comprehensive and refined solutions for an organization’s internal control and risk management needs. Our delivery model includes a disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, operational, control and governance processes.

    Internal auditors verify the effectiveness of their organization’s internal controls and check for mismanagement, waste, or fraud. We examine and evaluate client’s enterprises financial and information systems, management procedures, and internal controls to ensure that records are accurate and controls are adequate. We also review company operations, evaluating enterprises efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with corporate policies and government regulations. The computer systems commonly automate transactions and make information readily available, internal auditors can help management evaluate the effectiveness of their controls based on real-time data. We can recommend and review controls for their organization’s computer systems, to ensure their reliability and integrity of the data.

    If your internal audit function is good, but could be better, let our expertise and tools contribute towards developing a leading edge. We can provide you with a risk assessment and help you strategically align your internal audit function with your business goals. Specialized services, access to our suite of audit enablers including transfer of our methodology, technology, knowledge sharing can help change your internal audit to a value adding function.

    Our specialists advise on risk management, reviewing not only financial risks but also areas including operations, resources and reputation that can have a dramatic impact on the continuing success of an enterprise.

    For a customized solution to your internal audits needs, please contact us through e-mail ruta@azservice.lv.