Tax Advising

AZ Service in its experience has come to the conclusion that taxation affects all businesses and is a particular concern for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions. Developing effective tax strategies that encompass the whole organization is essential so that the impact of an approach in one territory is considered in relation to its effect on the overall tax position of the organization and the objectives of management. It is also a fact of life that tax legislation is becoming ever more complex.

AZ Service has the legislation knowledgeable and experienced specialists which can help you with all the different aspects of taxation and, where required, to negotiate with the various tax authorities.

AZ Service provides advises on:

  • Compliance with tax authority requirements;
  • VAT and other sales taxation;
  • Corporate income taxation;
  • Property taxation;
  • Customs duties;
  • Dividend payments;
  • Employment taxes and employee benefits;
  • Assistance to nonresident organizations.

If you are looking for a good expert in the tax advising and decided to use AZ Service help, please contact us through e-mail, we will be glad to help you any time for reasonable price.